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Extension of applications for first aid Albania: deadline today

Taxes have posted a reminder of the deadline for closing applications for the new package!
The Directorate-General for Taxes reminds all taxpayers and interested parties that for various reasons they have so far failed to apply for financial assistance, the new package “DCM No. 254 of 27.03.2020” that the deadline for the application has been extended until 5 May 2020
On April 30, the applications for the first 26,000 ALL package were reopened for 3 months, for all those who were unable to apply.
Who benefits from it
All taxpayers who have been identified by the tax administration as beneficiaries of package no. 1, “DCM n. 254 of 27.03.2020” who have not been able to request financial assistance, will be informed via their electronic account in electronic filing for the possibility of applying through this account and presenting the “Request for financial assistance 1 “.
The Directorate-General for Taxation informs all taxpayers and interested parties that for various reasons they have not submitted an application for this financial assistance, that the applications will be reopened, from today on 30.04.2020 and will continue to be active until 05.05.2020.
This category does not include beneficiaries whose application has been rejected or who are about to appeal the request for this package, as well as taxpayers who have not fulfilled the conditions set out in “DCM n. 254 of 27.03.2020” and who are treated as beneficiaries of the second package.
The subjects must fill in the application according to the form, they must ensure that they fill in the correct data of the beneficiaries, in which the ID of the personal identification number and the IBAN of the bank account are very important data.
The tax administration remains fully committed to continuing the rigorous implementation of this process, in the joint effort to better manage the emergency situation created by COVID-19.
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