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Albania attracts retirees, digital nomads and entrepreneurs

Albania is a country in large and rapid growth, young and always attentive to changes and opportunities.

In the imagination of those who hear about Albania, without having visited it in the last 10 years, there is still the landing of the Vlora ship at the port of Bari on 8 August ’91 and the invasion of 20 thousand Albanians in Italy.

After 30 years from that event, Albania has traveled, very quickly, a road that has led it to be a country with European standards and with an average economic growth of 5% and many advantages both for companies and for those who choose. to move to live there.

One of the most striking things about Albania is precisely the welcome and hospitality reserved for Italians by the local inhabitants: petty crime is almost unknown, young people are educated to respect, the rules are respected and enforced. on the street as in buses.

FDI Investments, a division of the Financial Times, recently released a special report listing the top European destinations to invest in for the 2020-2021 period.

In one of these categories we also find the capital of Albania, Tirana.

Do some have approved in January 2020 , a law on the taxation of pensions of EU citizens , which is between ferred to live in Albania is in the process of the Parliament approval, as we had already anticip to to to December 2020 , a law that fits between those entitled to the residence permit “retired”, the “digital nomads” and “entrepreneurs” , according to new rules.

This choice is very far-sighted, placing Albania among the most popular destinations for investors and for those who choose to change their lives.

There are more than 3,000 companies with Italian capital present in the land of eagles and about 20,000 Italians passing through Albania. In general, an Italian company has numerous advantages such as a skilled workforce, tax on profits ranging from 0% to 15% , labor costs among the lowest in Eastern Europe, double taxation treaty with Italy, level of education above the EU average, Italian language spoken by a large part of the population, strong incentives from the IMF and ECB for entrepreneurial initiatives, widespread presence of international and Italian banks (Banca Intesa Albania), a country in full economic boom with ample space for investments in various sectors. According to the International Trade Center, Albania boasts the highest economic growth in Southeast Europe, and the tax burden among the lowest. 

In addition to all these advantages, the Albanian government, to cope with the crisis that is affecting the whole world due to the pandemic, has put in place for 2021 a series of tax incentives for companies ranging from the elimination of taxes on business profit for companies with a turnover of up to 14 million Lek (about 130 thousand euros), with the zeroing of VAT for companies with a turnover of up to 10 million lek (about 80 thousand euros).

Very close to Italy and not only geographically, Albania is becoming one of the most interesting destinations, especially in recent years: very low rental costs, more than half the cost of living, beautiful beaches and a favorable climate , a community of Italian residents in loco which is growing more and more.

Among these, many are retirees who have moved and started a new life in Albania, choosing the city of Vlora as their destination .

Third city of Albania, it offers a beautiful promenade where you can enjoy a mild climate even in winter and 265 days of sunshine a year.

Moreover, yes, you too are part of the lucky ones who travel the world working everywhere thanks to intern and this is the city for you. Valona is waiting for you to take long-term holidays and work in smart working with your faithful travel companion: the computer!  

the country offers seen working temporary , driven to revitalize its economy afflicted by the pandemic Coronavirus .

Who wouldn’t love an alternative, relaxed and distant lifestyle?

Italian digital nomads can choose all the countries of the European Union and the Schengen area for indefinite periods of time and without worrying about bureaucracy but what are the visas with the longest duration currently available?

In a world where the only limit is that of connection, there is a new opportunity offered by Albania .

From the neighboring Canary Islands to remote Fiji, passing through Caribbean islands where the “swollen” wallet is a must, Albania thus becomes one of the best countries for digital nomads of 2021 .


But let’s see specifically the substantial changes to the new law:


Article 68

Single residence permit for digital mobile employees

The authority responsible for borders and migration provides the foreigner with a “single residence permit for mobile workers” for a period of up to 1 year, for the first time, in cases where the foreign citizen is legally resident in the Republic of Albania is:

a) demonstrates with a valid employment contract with the employer abroad, or with a service contract with the entrepreneur or customer abroad, that he will work without a specific location for specific jobs, which allow to work with IT tools;

b) proves that he has sufficient income to support himself and his dependents during his stay in the Republic of Albania;

c) has proof of accommodation and address in the Republic of Albania;

ç) has a health insurance policy valid for at least 1 year;

d) has a criminal record from his country of origin, specifying whether or not he has a criminal record.


Article 69

Single permit for investors

1. The foreigner is provided with a single permit as an investor with a time limit of two years, when:

a) makes an investment;

b) the relationship of employees in economic activity should be for each foreigner, five Albanian citizens, and this relationship should be maintained in the board of directors and in other governing or supervisory bodies;

c) their salary is at least equal to the average salary paid in the Republic of Albania for these positions of the previous year;

ç) the person in possession of regular documents, with which to prove that his business is not at a loss and is regularly registered and in good standing with tax obligations .

2. The assessment of compliance with the conditions referred to in point 1 of this article is carried out at the competent institutions, including those of the place where the investment is planned. The establishment, composition and functioning of the evaluation commission are carried out by order of the responsible minister.

3. The single permit as an investor is issued after evaluation of the conditions referred to in point 1 by the evaluation commission and is renewable for a period of three years, unless the conditions for which the previous permit was granted have not changed. single.

4. The foreigner is issued with a permanent residence permit, once the period of validity of the second three-year permit has elapsed, if the conditions for which the last residence permit was issued have not changed.

5. In cases where the foreign investor does not meet the criteria referred to in the article on permanent residence permits and if the working conditions for which the last work permit was issued have not changed, the foreigner is provided a single permit with two-year., renewable for a period of three years.

6. The value of the investment is determined by a joint instruction from the minister responsible for public order and security matters and the minister responsible for finance and the economy.

Article 85

Residence permit for pensioners

1. Foreign citizens, who are retired in their country, can apply for a residence permit for pensioners from the competent border and migration authority in the Republic of Albania.

2. The authority responsible for borders and migration provides the foreigner with a “residence permit for pensioners” , with a duration of up to 1 year, for the first time, in cases where the foreign citizen is legally resident in the Republic of ‘Albania is:

a) prove that he is entitled to an annual retirement income of at least 1,200,000 Lek (approximately 10,000 euros ), by means of documents issued by the country of origin and legalized by a notary;

b) proves that he has sufficient income to support himself and his dependents during his stay in the Republic of Albania;

c) certifies, by means of documents issued by a bank of the Republic of Albania, that he is in possession of a valid bank account, to which regular transfers of his pension will be made;

ç) has proof of accommodation and address in the Republic of Albania;

d) has a health insurance policy valid for at least 1 year;

dh ) has a criminal record from his country of origin, which specifies whether he has a criminal record.

3. The residence permit for retired foreigners can be renewed every year if the foreigner continues to meet the criteria set out in point 2 of this article.

4. The holder of a residence permit granted on the basis of a pension abroad can apply for family reunification in the Republic of Albania for the spouse or non-retired cohabitant.

5. The residence permit for pensioners does not give the foreigner the right to carry out any type of economic or professional activity in the Republic of Albania.


Interesting, isn’t it?


We are waiting to welcome you, accompany you and pamper you in the best business and transfer choice of your life.


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