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Italian Network “Le Fonti Awards Finalist 2020”

For the first time an Albanian company has been selected to be nominated for the prestigious award.

LeFonti AWARDS® rewards organizations that demonstrate business excellence in the areas of corporate innovation, leadership, technological achievement and employee engagement. It has been recognized as one of the world’s leading corporate award ceremonies and special personal merit recognition services for business leaders .

In ten years of the prestigious award, it is the first time that an Albanian company has been selected as a finalist.

Italian Network , an Italian-Albanian business consultancy company, led by the entrepreneur and consultant from Bari, Roberto Laera has been selected as Finalist of the annual edition of Le Fonti INNOVATION Awards ®      

We also stress its importance because the result comes from the editorial staff of the prestigious magazine ” LeFonti ” and from the business community , first in Italy with a streaming TV, digital, events platform of over 5.5 million entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, both large companies than SMEs .     

We note the recent triumph of the CEO Massimo Scaccabarozzi (President of Farmindustria), Luca Barabino and the CEO / MD of BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP IBM Hitachi Systems CBT, FUJITSU, EPSON BRUGOLA BASF GROUP SANOFI, NOVARTIS GROUP, MENARINI, SANOFI PASTEUR MSD, DOMPE ‘FARMACEUTICI, MSD ITALIA, ISAGRO, KORIAN – WINMEDICAL, JANSSEN-CILAG SANDOZ TAKEDA ROBERT BOSCH, BD, TAKEDA, PFIZER, VODAFONE and many others that can be found listed in the golden register of the lefontiawards website .it               

Roberto Laera is selected in the following categories:               

MD of the Year / special category

Excellence of the Year / Innovation & Leadership – special category

Our editorial staff, our viewers and our readers (the magazine WORLD EXCELLENCE and the television LE FONTI TV) signal you to be an excellence in strong growth . 

In particular, you are a point of reference in business, strategic and training consultancy. 

You are a leader able to focus on Italy – Albania relations. 

Italian Network was born in Tirana in 2006, from the long experience of its founders in business consultancy and management of internationalization projects in various countries of the world such as Africa, Middle East and western Balkans; The goal of Italian Network is to provide the best support to the company that has decided to undertake a path of internationalization, industrial and commercial development or that needs market research, research and management of suppliers, business consultancy, tax advice, research and selection of human resources, training, btob organization , seminars, conferences and events; It is a bridge between the Balkans and Europe, having offices in Tirana in Albania and Bari in Italy; Provides all the necessary advice to the entrepreneur to evaluate the future investment and make it operational in a very short time; It makes use of international professionals with long experience in business management (Telecom Italia, Bosch, Natuzzi, etc.) and university professors, in the legal, tax, financial, international trade , business management and social and statistical research fields, having signed ict partnership agreements with numerous Italian and Albanian universities, including the Catholic University of Tirana, the University of Bari and the Unive r s ity of Salento ; It periodically organizes BtoB meetings to put European and Balkan companies in contact, find suppliers and customers in various sectors as well as numerous seminars in Italy and Albania on issues transversal to managerial management and the internationalization of companies.
He is a partner of the Albanian Embassy in Italy and of the Consulate General of the Republic of Albania in Bari, providing consultancy for the organization of investment promotion, cultural and business consultancy events.

The award ceremony will take place during an exclusive ceremony on the evening of 30 October 2020 at Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of Borsa Italiana in Milan. Among the moderators of the entire events and forums, the sources 2019/2020: Alan Friedman (international journalist and our television commentator); Manuela Donghi (television journalist Le Fonti TV); Angela Maria Scullica (LE FONTI editorial coordinator), Debora Rosciani (Radio24, Le Fonti TV), and Giuseppe Di Vittorio (LE FONTI national television director).    

The next stages of the Le Fonti Awards® will be in Hong KongLondonNew YorkDubai, Singapore, India and Brazil.

The awards will be delivered in front of the usual audience of CEOs and top executives of the sector companies (media partners in our monthly magazines, on newsstands nationwide, WORLD EXCELLENCE the magazine n.1 of the CEOs and LE LEGAL SOURCES the magazine n .1 of the lawyers and the television LEFONTI.TV , (the television in live streaming on the economy, 24 hours on 24).        

Dr Roberto Laera is selected in the following categories:

MD of the Year / special category Excellence of the Year / Innovation & Leadership – special category Our editorial staff, our viewers and our readers (the magazine WORLD EXCELLENCE and the television LE FONTI TV) signal you to be an excellence in strong growth . In particular, you are a point of reference in business, strategic and training consultancy. You are a leader able to focus on Italy – Albania relations. 

As FINALIST he will participate in the exclusive evening and the celebratory gala dinner, in front of an audience of entrepreneurs, top management, partners of international studies , banking groups and editors of radio and television newspapers.

The protagonists of the evening will be reported in the second annual edition, out of commerce, of the GOLDEN BOOK Le Fonti.


Roberto Laera

Roberto Laera È laureato in Scienze Aziendali presso l’Istituto Superiore di Finanza e Organizzazione Aziendale di Milano, con circa 20 anni di esperienza nell’ambito della consulenza aziendale, organizzativa risorse umane, della formazione. È senior consultant di numerose aziende nazionali e internazionali. Ha lavorato tra le altre per George S. May, Telecom Italia Learning Services, Bosch. Dal 2008 amministratore unico di IN Italian Network Sh.p.k. e Albania Investimenti Sh.p.k. con sedi a Tirana in Albania e Bari in Italia, offre consulenza all’internazionalizzazione delle imprese, fiscale, finanziaria e servizi fiduciari. È professore a contratto della Facoltà FASTIP dell’Università Aleksander Moisiu di Durazzo per la materia di “Introduction to Business”. È componente del Advisory Board dell’Università Nostra Signora del Buon Consiglio di Tirana. È delegato per l’Albania di ASSORETIPMI. È referente per i rapporti istituzionali per l’Italia dell’Albania Development Fund
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