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Exports of Albanian agricultural products are growing

According to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Bledi Çuçi, Albanian agricultural products find more and more market in Europe, based on data from customs, which show that exports continue to have an upward trend.

“Even this year, despite the difficult situation created by Covid-19, exports of agricultural products, especially fruit and vegetables, increased in double digits. Only in April 2020 compared to April 2019, we saw an increase in exports 14%. This is all from investments made in the agricultural sector, particularly in cultivation through greenhouses that create an advantage for Albania, “said Minister Bledi Çuçi while he was in Çermë of Divjaka to see a greenhouse with technology up close. modern, cultivated for years with fruit and vegetables.

According to the announcement, another significant figure on the performance of the agricultural sector and on rural development is the relationship between public money invested in agriculture and their return to the economy.

“Today we have an excellent indicator in terms of public money that is invested in the agricultural sector, with a return of almost five times. So, from the public money invested in the sector, 5 are part of the economy. This is an excellent relationship that makes us excited “said Çuçi.

Çuçi said that Albania has around 1700 hectares of greenhouses and plastic tunnels for the production of agricultural products. In this year’s national program, applications for which they will begin by May, there is, among other things, financial support from the state budget for the renewal of plastic greenhouse covers.

Applications for agricultural financing for 2020 are expected to open in the last week of May. Official sources from the Ministry of Agriculture suggest that the distribution of the fund will already be given the green light, after the containment that took place due to of the state of natural disaster.

Farmers’ applications will be submitted online through the e-albania portal with zero documents.

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According to him, farmers who request this measure will be reimbursed the VAT on plastic, and also to further increase the value of agricultural products in European markets, support is provided to our farms to receive the Global GAP certification.

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