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Today Albania is considered by entrepreneurs to be an ideal place to invest: the tax system and labor costs in the Land of Eagles are in fact at a decidedly affordable level. And the Italians have noticed it: there are already more than 400 Italian companies that have opened offices and activities of various kinds in Tirana. The Albanian government is also building, near Durres, a free zone for those who will invest in those lands: zero taxes for 10 years, reform of the bureaucracy according to the formula of silent assent and revision of the land register. Albania is the Balkan country with the most historical links with Italy, where the Italian language is most widespread, and economic and commercial relations with Italy dating back to time immemorial.

Proximity to Italy (Milan Ragusa = Milan Tirana = about 1500 Km);
Average GDP growth of 5% in the past 9 years;
Skilled workforce;
Tax on profits from 0 to 15%;
Cost of labor among the lowest in Eastern Europe (about 210 euros per month for a general worker);
Treaty on double taxation with Italy;
Higher than average EU level of education;
Italian language spoken by a large part of the population;
Strong incentives from the IMF and ECB for entrepreneurial initiatives;
Widespread presence of international (Raiffaisen, Societè Generale) and Italian (Banca Intesa, Veneto Banca) banks;
Booming economic country with ample space for investments in various sectors.

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