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Italian Network is a company that deals with development, international trade, market research, research and management of suppliers, business counseling and training;
Italian Network relies on the professionalism of international experts and academics in the field of finance, international trade and business management, who are able to advise and provide training in various fields of business;
Italian Network is able to find the suppliers and clients in various industries, such as food and beverage industry, chemical products industry, civil and industrial detergents, industrial supplies, machinery, etc.;
Italian Network is a bridge between the Balkans and Europe, with offices in Tirana, Albania and in Bari, Italy.
Italian Network has in its ownership, a storage situated on the highway Tirana-Durres in Albania, which provides logistics management of the represented companies;
Italian Network operates a network of business resources, modernly trained and organized, able to diffuse and to better represent the products and services of the clients represented;
Italian Network is able toestablishcommunicationbetweenthe BalkanandEuropeanenterprisesandsupport themininternationalizationprocesses.