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Albania Start up : how to submit the application

Albania Start up : how to submit the application

With the country facing an increase in unemployment due to the situation created by COVID-19, whereby many companies have reduced their staff , the G overno has made available a support program for unemployed people who want to start a business. on their own .

Through the decision published in the Official Journal, the government allocates 500 thousand lek for people registered as unemployed in the employment offices, who have a feasible business idea and who are developing for the economy.

Therefore, the decision establishes that the self-employment program is a one-year program in support of new businesses, through which training for the development of entrepreneurship and the business plan for applicants and grants for beneficiaries is provided, through a competitive process that must be implemented by the National Employment Agency.

To participate in this program, the applicant must, in addition to being unemployed, have an entrepreneurial idea, which is not in contrast with the criteria of competitiveness, where to make his description, the importance; the resources necessary to conduct the business; and evaluate the conditions of the premises where the activity will take place.

The program does not cover the purchase of real estate; any expenses not related or included in the approved business plan; expenses incurred before the signature of the grant agreement; wages, premiums, rent and other administrative expenses.

The deadline for applications for all unemployed job seekers is 30 calendar days from the date of publication in the official journal of May 4, 2020 and then June 3, 2020.


Below is the government’s decision:



348, of 29.4.2020



Pursuant to article 100 of the Constitution and point 4, article 11, of law no. 15/2019,

“On promoting employment”, on a proposal from the Minister of Finance and the Economy, the Council of Ministers



1. This Decision establishes the criteria, procedures and rules for the implementation of the program of self-employment, which aims to promote self-employment through the creation of new enterprises of unemployed people interested.

2. The self-employment program is a one-year program in support of new businesses, through which training is provided for the development of entrepreneurship and business plan and grants for beneficiaries.

3. The employment incentive fund for the program referred to in point 1 of this chapter shall cover the costs of:

a) subsidy for opening a new business;

b) evaluation of business plans.

4. This program is implemented on the basis of a fair and competitive application process.

5. This program is implemented and managed by the National Employment and Skills Agency (AKPA).

6. KPA, if necessary, may involve other public, private or civil society organizations, whose activity is linked to the labor sector, to allow the timely and quality implementation of employment promotion programs, according to the applicable law.


1. To apply to this program, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

a) looking for unemployed work registered in the local employment structure;

b) have an entrepreneurial idea, which is not contrary to the competitiveness criteria, defined in the provisions of the labor code and declared on the basis of a special form , which contains:

the. description of the business idea;

ii. relevance (importance);

iii. resources needed to conduct business;

iv. evaluate the conditions of the premises where the activity will take place.

2. The jobseeker who applies to this program must personally participate in all processes .

3. A jobseeker is eligible for this program only once.

4. Expenses for the evaluation of the business plan of all participants, in the value of no more than 3,000 (three thousand) lek for each business plan, based on the market prices for this type of competence, covered by AKPA, from the balance sheet item “Programs to promote employment “.

5. The program grants a grant of up to 500,000 (five hundred thousand) lek to all selected beneficiaries .

6. The costs that cannot be covered by the funded grant are:

a) purchase of real estate;

b) any expenses not related and included in the approved business plan;

c) expenses incurred before the signing of the grant agreement;

ç) wages, premiums, rent and other administrative expenses.



1. AKPA, through its structures, publishes the necessary information in the Bulletin of Public Announcements and on other platforms regarding the implementation of the program and develops it information campaign for the application for all interested parties, for the possibility of participation as well as criteria and application procedures.

2. The deadline for all unemployed jobseekers to apply to the program is 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date the call is announced.

3. The jobseeker must submit the following documents to the relevant job facility or electronically upload :

a) Application form, which must contain:

the. detailed commercial project idea;

ii. self-certification relating to compliance with the program conditions and assumption of responsibility in cases of false declarations;

iii. declaration to authorize the relevant occupational structure to request or generate line documentation required for compliance checks.

b) proof that the person has no tax liabilities;

c) Copy of the identification document.

4. The local employment structure checks compliance with the formal conditions of its application and compliance with the implementation rules of this program and, within 5 (five) working days, sends to the regional employment structure the lists of candidates who meet these conditions.

5. Regional employment structure, in collaboration with vocational education and training providers , draws up, within 5 (five) working days, the development plan for enterprise training and development of business plans.

6. Training of VET providers should begin within 10 (ten) working days.

7. The duration of the training is 3 (three) calendar weeks and written tests take place at the end of the training .

8. Participants who successfully pass the written test, submit a business plan to the management of General APKA within 7 (seven) working days. Business plan contains a specific section with all the expenses necessary to start a business.

Each of the expenditure items must specify the relevant funding source for this program or other sources, for which it must attach supporting documentation.

9. The evaluation of the business plans is carried out, within 15 (fifteen) working days, within the AKPA, in two phases:

a) Evaluation of the business plan by external experts in the sector based on the following criteria:

the. Financial feasibility of the project;

ii. Resources available for starting a business;

iii. Recognition of the relevant type of business;

iv. Market evaluation.

b) The commission evaluation process set up at the AKPA Directorate-General

includes the following steps:

the. Implementation of the procedure based on the relevant regulation;

ii. Makes the ranking of candidates by points;

iii. Review funding opportunities and rankings by points and funding opportunities .

10. The Business Plan Assessment Commission is established at the beginning of this program process and is made up of three members, as follows:

a) an AKPA representative;

b) a representative of the regional management;

c) A representative of the ministry responsible for employment.

11. The selection of the members of this commission is carried out as follows:

a) The representative and ministry is appointed by the competent minister;

b) The representative of AKPA and the regional management will be appointed by the general manager of the institution.

12. mode of organization, project evaluation, operation of information, information on the composition of the commission is determined in the implementation regulation of the incentive programs of the ‘ occupation .

13. The Directorate-General dell’AKPA announces the list of winners through the facilities of local employment and at the same time notify the property amenities include and regional employment of following up the procedures.

14. Successful candidates must register, within 5 (five) working days, the companies back to the National Business Center, open a bank account for companies and submit the test documents to the regional structure for employment.

15. Upon submission of these documents, the regional employment structure and each beneficiary will sign the grant agreement.

16. Funding is provided in the following stages:

a) At the time of signing the contract, to the beneficiaries are transferred as advances on the trade account the 20% of the value of the grant, the recipient must provide proper supporting invoices and proof of payment as a condition for the financing of the remainder;

b) The remaining value of the grant is repaid in a maximum of two installments, justified by regular invoices and proof of the execution of these payments.

c) The total value of the grant must be spent within four months of the conclusion of the contract with the regional employment structure;

d ) Beneficiaries must not violate any of the terms of the contract for the benefit of the grant and program implementation. If the beneficiaries violate the terms of the contract, the beneficiary is required to repay 100% of the financial support received.

17. Monitoring of the implementation of the program is carried out by the relevant employment structures.

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