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Albania: work at COVID-19 time

For anyone who has recently worked online or was forced to rest, when he returns to the office or service units, nothing will be the same again.

Albania: work at the time of COVID-19

Wearing gloves and masks, respecting the distance and other criteria will completely transform the way you will have to work and stay in the office and commercial premises.

The Ministry of Health has drawn up a series of protocols for various categories of activities, which companies will have to implement.

For companies with many employees, it is mandatory to measure the temperature and create special structures for insulation.

For companies that have more than 50 employees, it is mandatory to have a person who checks the health of the staff.

The rules vary based on the level of risk represented by the company, but some common elements are mandatory to be applied by any company.

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as also reported in Albanian language from this article:
https://www.lsdmagazine.com/te-ulet-risku-i-kontaminimit-ne-ambientet-e-punes-dhe-te-jemi-ne-perputhje-me- rregulloret-ne-Fuqi-anti-covid-19/49967 /

General rules

The first general rule that everyone must follow is that the Administrator / Single Merchant, or the designated person, perform a personal and employee self-assessment every day if they show symptoms of COVID- 19.

In the event of symptoms, the continuation of the activity by the respective person should not be allowed in any case and should be reported immediately to the emergency number 127.

It is mandatory to use masks, disinfectants and gloves, provided by the owner.

The distance between people should be 2 meters.

At the entrance, the subject must provide customers with the hand sanitizing product and take care of the supply.

The percentage of active substance should be at least 60%.

During the break or lunch break, the gathering of people in company premises as well as in public premises should be avoided.

Employees / traders at work must not use their colleagues’ tools or workplace without disinfecting.

The employer must disinfect the environment and wash before opening and after closing, in particular tables, counters, telephones and any spaces where there has been tactile contact.

Companies with 20-50 employees, the temperature is measured

In addition to the general rules, the activities of 25 to 50 employees working in a closed environment have the obligation that the security guard or a company manager measures the temperature of the employees and any other customers at the entrance and at the exit with an infrared thermometer and immediately notify the competent authorities of temperatures above 37.5 degrees in cases where there are other symptoms of COVID-19.

Companies must pre-determine the separate quarantine environment before starting the business.

If the symptoms observed are severe, the administrator / physical operator activates the employee’s quarantine protocol and takes measures to evacuate all personnel outside the facility.

Personnel evacuated outside the facility should not be allowed to leave the perimeter without the health facilities arriving to perform the assessment.

The employer must carry out disinfection of the environment and washing before opening and after closing and at least 3 times a day.

Strict rules for corporate bus travel

For all companies that transport their employees by bus, there are strict rules.

In case they go to work with the bus transportation service, the employees sit on the side windows of the bus and leave an empty line behind them.

Masks and gloves must be worn on the bus or vehicle and the surfaces must not be touched. The bus is disinfected and ventilated every day.

For movement with the vehicle, the measures published by the state police must be applied.

Companies with over 50 employees, people responsible for occupational health

For companies that have more than 50 employees, the company will need to appoint a person responsible for occupational health.

The occupational health manager performs a daily COVID-19 symptom assessment for employees and anyone who enters and leaves the workplace, including the administrator, courier, distributor, third parties who are part of the supply chain. , distribution, sales, etc.

In the event of symptoms, it should not be allowed in any case to continue the activity by the person concerned and should be reported immediately as a case to number 127.

If the person shows symptoms during work or after work, this person should be quarantined in a separate company environment until the health services take appropriate measures.

The employer must disinfect the environment and wash before opening and after closing and at least 5 times a day.

Each employee disinfects with the hygiene products of tables, stalls, telephones and any spaces in which there was tactile contact at the beginning and end of the shift.

The products are used according to the relevant instructions of the manufacturer / seller or the Ministry of health.


Banks and customers will be measured by temperature

The employee appointed by the director of the bank branch or financial institution measures the temperature of employees and any other customers who enter and leave with an infrared thermometer and immediately notify the competent authorities in case of temperatures above 37.5 degrees in cases where there are also other symptoms of COVID-19.

No person with a temperature of 37.5 is authorized to enter a banking / financial institution.

Banks should install ticket vending machines and information monitors outside their premises to avoid disputes between citizens, as well as physical contacts and chaotic meetings.

This obligation falls on other financial institutions where more than 10 people are served simultaneously.

The subject serves as many customers as there are cash registers or customer service, while others wait outside in turn.

Outside, the subsequent identification marks are placed for entering the bank and for queuing at the ATMs.

The customer’s distance identification sign is inserted on the cash register.

We recommend that you avoid cash and provide e-banking services.

Call center with protective glass

Call centers must guarantee and respect the distance of 2 meters between the staff employed at all times. Since employees speak on the phone, it is recommended not to place employees in front of the protective glass.

Employees should only make phone calls wearing protective masks.

The masks can be such as not to interfere with the acoustics of the sound.

The call center reorganizes its work in shifts according to an individual plan in order to comply with the aforementioned obligation, using telecommuting at home through IT systems and the relevant software, remote work, program changes that allow and supervise employees or through conversation recorders and subsequent supervisors.

Fason , from 2 meters away

The fason subject must guarantee and respect at any time the distance of 2 meters between the personnel employed.

The fason reorganizes its shift work according to an individual plan in order to fulfill the above obligation.

In any case, it must guarantee natural ventilation (aeration) at least 5 times a day.

Entities should take appropriate measures to intervene in ventilation systems to switch to natural air mode or through the addition of windows.

What can you do?

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