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Albania: Call for financial support of Tourism Projects

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment announces the call for the financial support of projects in the field of tourism, submitted by natural and legal persons, local or foreign, private or public, who have in the object of their activity tourism, in function of realization of the strategic mission:

” Albania, a hospitable, attractive and authentic destination, for sustainable development of the economic, natural and social potentials of the country “

The call aims to promote destinations, products and diversify the tourist offer, through the development of mountain tourism, natural and cultural tourism, culinary tourism, wine tourism, nostalgic tourism, adventure tourism, etc.

The call will remain open from January 24 until February 23, 2022 . Projects must be completed within the budget year, during the period March 24 to December 1, 2022.

The priorities of the Call for financial support of Tourism Projects are:

1. Promotion of destinations, development of tourist products and branding of the territory;

2. Digitalization and innovation


Promotion of tourist destinations of special values, development of tourism products and attractions of mountain, rural tourism, trails, agritourism, enotourism, adventure, nature monuments and improving the quality of service in the hospitality industry.

* The typology of activities aimed at achieving Priority 1, are listed as follows, but are only examples which do not limit other topics subject to this priority:

a) Promotion of tourist destinations, marketing or branding of the territory, through tourist guides, websites, social media, promotional videos, adventurous and cultural activities, characteristic / traditional materials of the areas, etc.

b) Promotion of the tourist product according to the characteristics of the tourist destinations, including local communities, creation of mountain trails, cycling and not only, creation of tours / demonstration packages of the process of realization of traditional products, and / or involvement in the process of tourists, etc.

c) Promotion of thematic tourism products related to products such as: itinerary offer / tourist, cultural routes, focusing on sports activities and / or synergy of natural areas / cultural or industrial heritage.

d) Promotion of natural landscapes for tourist purposes, through the identification and development of panoramic places, special natural phenomena, special natural resources, outdoor activities, etc.

e) Promotion of cuisine as a tourist attraction, in function of culinary tourism.

f) Promotion of “Albanian Wine” in the function of wine tourism, by organizing events / tasting nights for the promotion of Albanian wines;

g) Promotion of “Endemic species” of Albanian flora and fauna in order to promote tourism .

h) Promotion of “Memory Tourism” , identification and revitalization to turn into tourist attractions, objects or activities that belong to a historical period such as: workshops, tunnels, bunkers, etc .;

i) Promotion of accessible tourism products for tourists with special needs by including them in nature and cultural heritage activities .

j) Tourism projects that respect the environment such as:

  •  ” Green and clean “, by planting trees to limit the dumping of waste outside the areas dedicated to their collection, in beach areas, nature parks, etc.
  • Craft activities by the local population to create products with recyclable materials that can serve as souvenirs for tourists.
  • Establishment of installations to collect plastic waste in beach areas.
  • Sport tours hiking, kayaking, rafting, boating, etc., free of charge for tourists who agree to collect waste during the itinerary they traverse.
  • Comprehensive local events with concerts, games and discussion panels on environmental awareness, accompanied by BIO cuisine and ecological methods.

k) Youth tourism, which aims to involve young people in creating travel experiences, tourism, volunteering, as well as activities that promote tourism.

l) Activities specially adapted for children on the beaches, on the rules and care related to swimming and bathing safety at sea.

m) Professional education of human resources of entities that develop activities in the field of tourism in order to increase the quality and improve the service, through training, etc.

n) Support of provisional promotional structures ” Infopoint ” during the tourist season.



Through this priority will be supported projects which through digital technology and innovative methods develop tourism components such as: tourism products, tourist attractions, tourism infrastructure, tourism service and entities that develop tourism activities.

* The typology of activities aimed at achieving Priority 2, are listed as follows, but are only examples which do not limit other topics subject to this priority:

a) Mapping and digitization of tourist resources / products;

b) Identification of locations and creation of itineraries, their mapping / digitization for:

  • development of water sports such as kayaking / canoeing / rafting, rafting, etc .;
  • development of mountaineering, skiing and other winter sports;
  • marking new hiking and cycling trails, etc.

c) Online applications / platforms that provide information on tourist destinations and attractions and create communication channels for a specific target group;

d) Online cooperation platform for tourist guides, in order to improve the quality of service.

Application form

Budget form


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